Welcame to Our Japanese SOGO Institute of Psychology & Education- Tokyo Selye Center and Zen Therapy

Welcome to Our Japanese SIPE-TSC and Zen Therapy.
Many people have accessed this HP from the Canada stress institute as well as many Japanese visitors.
Our Psychotherapy is Japanese Psychotherapy.
It is the Applied Zen therapy.
Zen and Bushido are the culture of typical Japan.
We think that the psychotherapy based on the culture of the country is required.
The basis of the Judo, Kendo, Sumo in Japan is a spirit of the mind, the technique, and the body. Furthermore, it is not only strength but also good manners are important.
The Zen has a big influence on martial arts and the chivalry of Japan.
A more important thing is to know oneself though it is also important to perform(practice) Zen meditation(zazen).
The desire is removed from the current life, and the satisfaction is found to the current state.
The harmony of one's mind and conduct(action)is also demanded.
The Zen is known(considered) as a spirit over all aspects of life rather than a psychotherapy in Japan.
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Tokyo, Japan — In May, 2007, The Hans Selye Foundation launched its first formalized international affiliate relationship, The Tokyo-Selye Center (TSC). The TSC has offered us a “demonstration model” opportunity to evaluate the viability of such relationships. Building on our Institute and Foundation’s work, the Tokyo-Selye Center has continued to:

・Conduct applied research concerning workplace change and stress in Japan
・Train and certify professionals in appropriate brief counseling methods
・Certify professionals for, and directly provide workplace diagnostic, training, coaching and consulting services

The Center is headed by Professor Takashi Sato, an extensively experienced industrial psychologist who has been trained by and worked closely with the Canadian Institute of Stress since 1996. You are invited to visit the Tokyo-Selye Center’s Japanese language homepage at http://www.sipe-selye.co.jp . Japanese-to-English translation is available from a Google search.
Three years’ collaborative evaluation of the TSC experiment have clearly demonstrated effectiveness in the transfer and cross-cultural integration of the knowledge, instruments and methods developed by Dr. Selye’s Canadian Institute of Stress.